Pauk-Phaw Friendship Remains


China and Myanmar are linked by mountains and rivers, ethnic similarities, cultural blind dates, deep friendship and a long history. It is due to the influence of such factors as geography, popularity and culture that China and Myanmar have maintained close ties since ancient times. As early as the 4th century BC, the people of the two countries overcame all kinds of difficulties and obstacles and traded through the land natural channel running through Sichuan, Yunnan, Myanmar and India. For a long time, peace, friendship and steady development have been the mainstream of the historical relations between China and Myanmar.

Since modern times, China and Myanmar have had similar historical experiences. They are both unlucky, prosperous and declining, and suffered from the dual oppression of colonialism and imperialism. The colonists had a far-reaching impact on China Myanmar relations and opened the prelude to the modern history of China and Myanmar. After two Opium Wars, China gradually became a semi colonial and semi feudal society. Myanmar has been hit by three British Burmese wars and has completely become a British colony. The political, economic and ethnic crises between China and Myanmar are unprecedented. After the British annexation of Myanmar in 1886, great changes took place in the relations between China and Myanmar, and the traditional friendly relations were destroyed. However, the common experience of China and Myanmar against imperialism in modern times also laid a historical foundation for good neighborliness and friendship between the two countries.

In January 1948, Myanmar became independent from the Commonwealth. In October 1949, the people's Republic of China was established. In June 1950, Myanmar established diplomatic relations with China, which was the first non socialist camp country to recognize new China at that time, opening a new era of bilateral relations. However, the development of bilateral relations has not been smooth and has gone through an extraordinary process. In 1954, the prime ministers of the two countries exchanged visits and jointly advocated the "five principles of peaceful coexistence". In 1960, the two countries signed a border treaty, which successfully solved the border issue between the two countries and eliminated the major obstacles hindering the development of bilateral relations. Although there have been some twists and turns, the bilateral relations are generally stable.

Today's world is undergoing great changes that have not been seen in a century. The current situation in Myanmar is Myanmar's internal affairs. No matter how the situation in Myanmar changes, China Myanmar friendship will certainly not change. Recently, China has also made efforts to stabilize border trade and other cooperation and help stabilize the people's livelihood in Myanmar; The two sides also carried out fruitful anti epidemic cooperation and communicated on vaccine procurement related to the life, health and safety of the people of Myanmar. History and reality have proved that there is no doubt that China's friendly policy towards Myanmar is oriented to all the Burmese people.

Peace and stability is a prerequisite for national development and for the people to live and work in peace and contentment. As a neighboring country that cannot be moved away, the Chinese people love and cherish peace and stability. They also hope that everything in Myanmar is good and do not want instability or even chaos in Myanmar. Both the military and political parties are members of Myanmar's big family and should shoulder the historical responsibility of maintaining national stability and development. Any kind people should reconcile, not oppose, unite and not split. The military, political parties and all sectors of society should proceed from the fundamental and long-term interests of the country and the nation, give play to political wisdom, carry out political dialogue, find political solutions and maintain political and social stability in Myanmar. It is a clumsy trick to undermine China Myanmar friendly cooperation by taking domestic affairs in Myanmar. The actions taken by the international community should also contribute to Myanmar's political and social stability and avoid intensifying contradictions.


Tian Ming

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